Welcome to the door that opens up to a world of enchantment, childhood memories, Extra space and Practicality. Wendy Houses have over decades been a small beautiful element that has been utilized for many different reasons. The original Wendy house ever constructed was first built for Wendy Darling of Peter Pan. This breathing life and adventure into a wooden box.

Royal Wendy’s as our name explains it we soar above conventions and the norm. We manufacture more than just a little wooden house or shed. We craft and manufacture dreams, memories and safety. Our wendy houses are fitted at your choice with either cement or galvanized corrugated iron roofing. They are fitted with stunning wooden flooring and glass windows. We pride ourselves on the fact that all walls of our structures are manufactured using oven-dried SA pine of the finest quality.

We craft a variety of structures from the standard wendy houses, guard houses, tool sheds, play houses and log cabins. Our innovation and constant research in bringing our patrons superior product development allows us to be the leader in our industry.

We are proud to offer all our clients industry leading craftsmanship with only the finest materials available.

We look forward to building you the doorway to your dreams.